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Real Short Hills Idea...

Follow up email to a person who works with a production company that has a focus on real estate shows. (Matt and I had a skype interview with her last week).  
Checkin in and thought I'd share an idea...
Flip or Flop, Northeast! (But not sure we wanna have all our spectrum crap show up on camera). Ha!
Buy It/ Build It
Build: Buy or List
Really, I have many nervous clients who don't what to bite the bullet or take the chance. They have time to wait for the right home. And in fact, they may not have the vision and understanding that I have access to with my real estate and architecture connections.  I've even been asked, "why don't you buy and build it"!?  
I want to make a show/ video /series. We buy it. We build it. Then they (the designated client) have a deadline to actually keep it, OR I LIST IT!  (And I would sell it for more).  Ha!  Lots of winners here...
The idea would show the process ppl go thru w: me and Matthew at their side.  
Locating property. 
Buying process. 
Designing w a fine architectural firm. 
House Tour Event. 
Deadline to buy. 
BUY OR LIST!?!????
I already know of a multi family and Brooklyn couple I could help. I also know of a great property in Short Hills that would put two brothers, living right next to each other. OR amazing easy listings for me!  I just don't know how to get the camera production going...  Any ideas?