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A partnership with Autism NJ and Keller Williams!

It's official, we have made it happen - A partnership with Autism NJ and Keller Williams! For KW's annual RED DAY event, we will be coming together to raise money specifically for Teacher Resource Kits. These kits will be provided to any teacher who registers with Autism NJ to receive one for free. The kit will include lesson plans, professional development opportunities, decorations for bulletin boards for next year's Autism Awareness Month, give aways, and other information to support teachers in spreading Autism Awareness.

Autism NJ's current theme is to "Build Acceptance" and I am so happy that Keller Williams has taken on raising money to help make that happen. Our RED DAY event is supporting our local teachers by promoting character education as we spread Autism Awareness in our classrooms for our children. I couldn't be prouder! I hope you will stop by and join us in our efforts!