Sponsorship Opportunities

For Autism Awareness

Sponsors have played a key role in allowing us to create the impact we have been able to generate over the years. Local businesses have joined the mission and have hosted homes,and supported raffles with gifts, gift certificates, and delicious food & drinks. The publicity and advertising include, but are not limited to, the Patch, TAP, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, posters, flyers, banners, community calendars, and outreach in Millburn Township, Maplewood/South Orange, Summit, Livingston, and Chatham.


NOTE TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Spots for homes on the tour are best reserved 1-2 months before the tour. The commitment is preferred to be received by March 1st to ensure logo inclusion on the event poster. Only two weeks before the tour, information for the tour map is needed. If a property goes under contract, we require the home to remain on the tour, BUT ONLY WITHIN ONE WEEK of the tour date.



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Sponsorship Levels

  • Volunteer efforts provided to the tour.
  • Name on House Tour Map, and other potential materials.
  • Recognized as an In-Kind Sponsor.
  • Logo inclusion on event poster prominently displayed around town, and utilized in timely print media campaigns promoting the event. 
  • Logo size 1 on event poster. 
  • Recognized as Silver Sponsor.

● Above included.
● Special category for vendors, designers, builders and architects.
● Opportunity to showcase, distribute, and/or sell products/services to House Tour Participants.
● Two free passes for tickets to the house tour.
● Opportunity to attend a publicized donation presentation.
● Logo size 1 on event poster.
● Recognized as Bronze Sponsor.

● Above included.
● One home on the tour.
● Promoted in one press release.
● Logo size 2 on the event poster.
● Recognized as Gold Sponsor.

● Above included.
● Two homes on the tour.
● Promoted on boosted targeted social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
● Logo size 2 on the event poster.
● Recognized as Platinum Sponsor.

● ALL included.
● Up to 4 houses on the tour (two spots guaranteed).
● Sponsor logo will be featured with a prominent position as headliner on the poster.
● Logo size 3 on the event poster.
● Recognized as Diamond Sponsor.