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Architectural and Real Estate House Tour in Short Hills

The 5th Annual Architectural and Real Estate House Tour Preview Party in Short Hills, benefiting Millburn Township Public Schools and promoting Autism Awareness took place the weekend of May 6th with many in attendance at 12 Ferndale Road in Short Hills. The location of this year's preview party was a modern new construction 10,000 sq ft house that was on the actual tour on Saturday, May 6th from 1-4pm. This particular home has been described as a Simonian Rosenbaum Architects "Falling Water moment" (Frank Lloyd Wrights most famous house).
The day of the tour, six homes were hosted by the following listing agents: Arlene Gonnella and Victoria Carter of Weichert, Stephanie Mallios of Caldwell Banker, Jill Bray of Sotheby's, Melanie Rosenbaum and Elan Bitan of Keller Williams. The tour consisted of 3 new construction homes and 3 historic Hartshorn homes. Tour participants received treats, giveaways, and even a light lunch from Tom Wragg of Wells Fargo and Jon Lamkin of Guaranteed Rate.
The Ferndale house was a fantastic place to throw the Preview Party, and so perfect to create a chance to raise some money for Millburn Township Public Schools. The new Director of Special Services, Jennifer Sowa will be deciding how best to utilize the funds raised for the District. The mutual objective is to further support educators and parents alike; the goal is to provide parental and professional development programs to ANYONE in the district who wishes to participate.  
Several Important District Administrators attended the Preview Party to support the event.  Key figures such as, our very own Superintendent, Christine Burton; Director of Special Services, Jennifer Sowa; Communication Director, Nancy Dries;  Secondary Special Services Supervisor, Brent McGuinness; School Psychologist, Dr. Christopher Mesopotanese; Behaviorist, Catherine Benedetto; LDTC, Leslie Blitz (my son's case manager) just to name a few.  It's a true testament  to the supreme community within our schools, with individuals whom provide an outstanding commitment to excellence for our children.
Last year, a portion of the fundraising efforts went to Autism NJ, who provided four full grants to attend their official state two day conference.  Some of the district professionals who attended include the school psychologist, a district behaviorist, and a self-contained classroom teacher. In the past, many of our school's professionals were only able to attend the conference for one day, however these same employees wrote me a note indicating that they came back refreshed and full of ideas for all of the students (not just the special education students). 
To date the fundraiser has raised more than $30K for the cause spreading Autism Awareness throughout our community educating individuals. The  disorder affects 1 in 41 children in New Jersey.  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s social communication and interaction. Individuals with ASD also have restricted and repetitive behavior, interests, and activities. These challenges can significantly impact their quality of life.  Individuals with ASD may be more likely to have seizure, gastrointestinal, sleep, and anxiety disorders as well.  
Autism New Jersey is the largest statewide network of parents and professionals dedicated to improving lives of individuals with ASD. This nonprofit organization is committed to providing information, education, awareness, and public policy work to NJ’s autism community. 
From the bottom of my heart, I'm touched and grateful, by the community involvement and support with this philanthropic effort.
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