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Canoe Brook Development

I attended the Millburn Township Planning Board meeting at the Millburn Public Library on 2/3, and basically all the other meetings recently on the topic as well.  This one was the most formal, as well as the most informative.  The Planing Board meeting was a hearing on the application of the Canoe Brook Development.  The developer's civil engineer and traffic engineer was in attendance.  (I wish the traffic engineer would make a visit to the Hartshorn School - don't get me started on that one!)

The most important part of the meeting for me was when it was revealed that there was a town ordinance to have "a door" (basically some grass coverage) and really a closure of a road way that leads to the mall directly on Canoe Brook.  That area is partially owned by the water company, and part by the township.  I believe the ordinance was voted in approximately 40 years ago, pertaining to a builder's resolution of the Short Hills Mall development.

Now the only way to change an ordinance, is for someone to apply to change it and the entire Planning Board would have to vote to allow the applied for change.  The developer has no intention of asking for the road to be opened, as I understand from a source that I hope would be in the know.  The towns people are certainly not going to ask to open that road.  It was also revealed by the town officials that the property would have (49) 1 bedroom,  (145) 2 bedroom, and (6) 3 bedroom rental units.  The Planning Board also spoke about reports that were submitted by the fire department, and another town entity.  They claim there is no issue with accessing the Canoe Brook development from JFK Parkway.  So I believe, the town will never open the road.

I am requesting to add or to be considered information to a builder's agreement/ resolution/ conditional approval for the Canoe Brook Development.  (via this blog entry/ I have no time to figure out who needs to see this.  So, feel free to share with whomever you think can use this information properly and usefully):

  1. Traffic study on any main road toward the trains and schools in question, especially parsonage Hill Road, Hobart Gap, and Old Short Hills Road.   Street lights, crosswalks, and street signs may be needed through out the town.

  2. A waiver that the development must support the existing ordinance, and never request/ support the over turning of that ordinance.  (I am not a lawyer.)

  3. Could it be considered to regulate the residential property to a 55+ population, since Millburn Township may not even have many residences for that demographic?

  4.  Has it occurred to sell the units over time?  Just curious!