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Autism Acceptance Month was honored by the Annual Architectural and Real Estate House Tour

Autism Acceptance Month was celebrated locally with the Annual Short Hills Architectural and Real Estate House Tour.  The Rosenbaum Group of Short Hills Compass hosted the tour raising over $12K!  The tour benefited Millburn Township Special Services and promoted Autism Acceptance.  It was on Saturday, April 23rd from 11am - 1pm.  Mark you calendars for the next one on Saturday April 29, 2023.

Autism affects 1 in 35 children in New Jersey.

The homes on the tour never disappoint, with the average price of the homes usually around $3M. This special open house time and day in honor of Autism Acceptance Month.  With the $35 ticket, participants will receive a light lunch, treats, and/or giveaways while touring beautiful architectural designs and local available homes. 

Proceeds from this special event benefit Millburn Township Special Services by providing the opportunity for key district professionals to attend all of the Autism NJ’s conferences.  The official state Autism organization educates parents and professionals on critical topics with evidence-based information and resources.

Additionally, this year the money raised will help support The Unified Club at MHS and the MHS Job Training Program which helps students attain the necessary skills to become as independent as possible in the workplace. 

For tickets or more information please click here​ or please contact the tour organizer, Melanie Rosenbaum at (973) 768-1818 or ​[email protected].