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How's the Real Estate Market?

How's the Short Hills Real Estate Market?

The Spring Market, which really starts in the winter months and encompasses the summer months as well, brought a lot of action.  During the pandemic, the past many years the economic and quality of life was in our faces.  People discovered the suburbs was where it was at!  You potentially could have your very own office, and even your very own yard for the kids.  Providing a great break from sitting in front of at a computer all day.

The real estate market was a frenzy!  
If you were a seller or a seller's agent, you did well.  If you were a buyer or buyer's agent- not so much.  It was a clear definitive seller's market!  The peak "top of the bell curve" for the real estate market is on May 1.  In the beginning months of the 2022 real estate market, it was thriving and showing a gross increase in demand.  
Now, let's talk about the Fall Market... Wait, halt; interest rates, over pricing not adjusted yet, inflation, war, astroids, and let's not forget COVID!  Oh, and the flu!
All those variables halted that frenzy!  
Let's see what Q4 brings...  Contact The Rosenbaum Group with any questions.
Following is a 2022 Q3 market report: