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offer guidelines

This is just one example of what listing agent may provide to help get their seller's receive what they are hoping for in the end.  Regardless of what this particular list entails, the winning offers seem to have NO contingencies and are well over asking.  

There will be one round of offers due specified.  

  • Closing date: 60 to 90 days. It will be viewed favorably if Buyers can be flexible and give a 10-day closing window within the 60 to 90 day period. 
  • Proof of Funds must be attached if it is an all-cash offer and for down payment. 
  • Pre-Approval must be attached if your client is getting a mortgage. 
  • Mortgage commitment due 21 days or less 
  • All inspections to be completed within 7 days of Attorney Review 
  • Deposit monies due 2 days after end of Attorney Review 
  • Signed Seller's Property Disclosure, Lead Paint Disclosure included with offer (available for download on the MLS.) 
  • No Escalation Clauses will be accepted. 
  • Please limit inspections for major structural, environmental and safety issues only 
  • If your buyer choses to make any other enhancements to their offer, please do so at their request. 
  • Please provide name and contact information for Buyer(s) attorney. 


  • Fireplace/chimney and flues sold in “As Is” condition with no known issues.
  • Basement refrigerator, freezer and wine refrigerators are negotiable. 

Just one example. 

Contact the Rosenbaum Group if you need guidance navigating this process.  Please note that if a Listing Agent writes an offer, they will not be able to see the other offers AND that Agent "will provide services to complete the transaction WITHOUT the full range of fiduciary duties ordinarily owed by an agent who represents Buyer alone, or the Seller alone."  (So basically they are representing themselves, not you).