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Real Estate Priority List

It's time to make a priority list.  Think of it as a pie in the sky, this is what I really want.  Let's shoot for the stars, weigh in on the variables, consider the factors, investigate, educate ourselves in the matter.  Start with number 1, and then put them in order.  One to 100 will be considered, and then... that's where my sociology degree will finally come in handy.  Lol.  (That's when you texted me).

Go.  And your spouse will have the same assignment...

Love to you and yours and looking forward to the housewarming!  Best, Melanie

Ps. Hoping you are able to join us for my house tour promoting autism awareness.

house tour - Saturday, 5/6/17 1-4pm
preview party - Thursday, 5/4/17 6-8pm  (at Ferndale)