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Sample Recommendation of a Plan of Action to List & Sell your House

Just to re-cap our interview on your real estate goals, the following is my recommendation of a plan I would utilize for the sale of your home. However, I am happy to follow whatever you wish and certainly am happy to discuss further.

Plan of Action:


(Specific to the home)
Fix the front door, first impressions are everything.
De-clutter. Start with garage asap and then put items to give away/sell in that space.
Move front walkway from under the bushes.
Paint to freshen up the home.
Stage to present.
January 15 - February 15 Exclusive Listing:
Price optimistically based on your desire to get the maximum dollar possible for you home while having some time on your hands. Photograph, Video, Floor Plan, Email Marketing Campaign / Social Media Campaign to local realtors and KW data base. This is a time to prepare marketing materials and attempt to sell the property at a very optimistic price. I would check comps at that time and gain a greater understanding of how quickly and what sale price you wish to achieve.
Sign out front.

Broker Open House late January to invite local agents in to provide price opinions before heading to GSMLS.
February 15 - December 15 GSMLS Listing:
GSMLS (Garden State Multiple Listing Service) listed with market adjusted price.
List on a Monday or Tuesday to get syndication spread, broker open house on that Thursday, and Open House on that Sunday in the same week of listing.
April 1
Price reduction if needed.

Change on a Tuesday or Wednesday, broker open house on that Thursday, and Open House on that Sunday in the same week of listing.
Open House 1 per month, if necessary.

Increase marketing efforts with ads, continued social media blasts (statistically the best way to sell a home, besides MLS), event marketing (house tour is one example), etc.
Aim to close.
Looking fresh, it should sell quickly (so much of the above may not even apply).
Any questions, please feel free to lmk. Thank you!