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National Market Statistics
12/3/23 Jennifer Hanna

Take a Peek at Novembers Market Stats

2023 Property Tax Comparison on $3M House
09/19/23 Jennifer Hanna

Take the time to understand your property tax rates and valuation ratio.

Feds Raise Rates, yet again...
12/16/22 Thomas Wiggin

Thomas Wiggin informs us and let's us know we can count on him!

April 2022 Millburn Township Market Statistics
05/20/22Melanie Rosenbaum

Find out what is happening in Short Hills and Millburn's real estate market.

2022 Property Tax Comparisons for $3M homes
04/13/22Melanie Rosenbaum

Would you like to know where your property taxes have the best value?

Questions to ask your mortgage broker...
11/22/21Melanie Rosenbaum

In a competitive market, it's all about the details of your terms!

Real Short Hills January Market Statistics
06/4/21Melanie Rosenbaum

The Short Hills Real Estate Market remains strong, and a wise investment.